Socks for Kids

While our emphasis is on science socks, we will also be purchasing other kinds of socks because science socks are a lot more expensive and the cost of just buying science socks would restrict how many socks we could donate. We are working on getting wholesale status with a number of sock manufacturer’s so we stretch our dollars.

You can choose how much and how often you donate, but we suggest $5/month.

By donating $5, you could help a child have a new pair of regular socks, $10 will purchase a pair of science socks. 

By donating $5/month, you could help a child have a new pair of socks every month.

I can’t afford to donate right now, but I do want to help:

Some Facts: In Hillsborough County, where we are located, over 60% of Hillsborough County Public Schools are classified as Title I, which indicates that 67% or more of the students at these schools are considered economically disadvantaged and may face challenges in purchasing basic school supplies. Items the school district request as donations include socks for children in K-5 grades. The school district dress code requires “Shoes shall be worn and be securely fastened to the feet and have a low heel height. Footwear must be suitable for outdoor physical education classes and unsafe shoes such as “skate tennis shoes” are not allowed.”

Reasons why children need socks:

  • to prevent blisters, cuts, and cracking
  • to prevent bacteria spread
  • to take the pressure off joints

Sometimes children don’t want to wear socks. This could be for many reasons, including the socks they have are not comfortable. Our intention is to provide quality socks that can provide the support and comfort children need as they run and play.

Sometimes families cannot afford to do laundry every day, we would like to be able to provide enough socks so children don’t have to wear the same socks every day. 

Sometimes families cannot afford cute, quality items for their children to wear, we hope to provide a variety of socks that any kid would be proud to wear.

While these are ambitious goals, we are working with various manufacturers to get donations and discounts to be able to address the needs of our community. But with your help, we know we can make life better for a child in our community.