Teachers Aid

We began the project with just socks in mind, however, we quickly found out that there is a dire need for other items in the classrooms of Florida. With the legislature taking funds to give to private, religious schools, we felt the need to add this section. Teachers have been paying out of their own pockets for years and now it’s going to get even worse.

We do not have the resources yet to be able to ship items to school districts, so we have chosen to collect funds which we will then donate to the districts Education Foundation.

When you have made your donation, you will be taken to a page to indicate the county you want to assist. 

Once we have at least $50 for that county we will send the money to them, indicating it is from Atheists in their county and around the state. If after 6 months we have not reached the minimum goal, we will pool those funds together and send it to the poorest county.  Either way, we will notify you when this is done.

List of needs by teachers: (prices listed are per item when purchased in bulk)

  • Index Cards – $1.00/100 cards
  • Single Subject Spiral Notebooks – $1.00/notebook
  • Multi-subject Spiral Notebooks – $1.50/notebook
  • Colored Pencils 12 Count – $.97 per pack at Walmart
  • Washable Markers  – $2.20 per pack when purchased in bulk
  • Pencil Sharpener – heavy duty $27
  • LG Pink Erasers – $.15 each when purchased in bulk
  • Cap Erasers – $.03 each when purchased in bulk

I can’t afford to donate right now, but I do want to help.